Our Story


Behind Jean Home


Jean Home began with a simple idea: to address my children problem of night sweats that left them waking up with a feeling of having "wet the bed".


Before that, I bought a cotton sheet with high threads, but it still didn't solve the problem for my kids.


Until I came across the TENCEL™ material, but the price is just too expensive. I know there are many parents out there who are facing the same problems as me, and they cannot afford a good TENCEL™ bedsheet.


Therefore, I contacted the manufacturer and I started my research journey, and here you are - Jean Home.


I selected the name Jean Home for my innovative bedding line, with not only to the products' ability to protect the skin, but also to the wonderful and deeply satisfying cooling comfort to everyone. I determined dedication to providing solutions for those that suffering from night sweats and sensitive skin, we are proud to offer the innovative performance, accessible prices and exquisite comfort exclusive to Jean Home. In addition, Jean Home maintaining the highest possible quality of product that is subjected to precise quality checks as it is handpicked, packed, and shipped out from our warehouse. 


Sleep well with Jean Home!